Episode 0176: Wingels Retires, Hub City Quandary, Tuukka Plans to Return, NHL Prospects Galore, Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees and so much More!

June 28th, 2020

Hi all and welcome to another week at the Two Man Forecheck!  We have a long show this week, packed with information and fun so delve in!  Tommy Wingels retired a couple weeks ago but we missed it so now we say a proper goodbye.  We dive into the Hub City quandary and try to discern where the two will end up.  We also discuss other potential spots the NHL won't consider.  Even further down the rabbit hole we talk about other ways to deal with the ice issues that may creep up.  Tuukka has a plan to return to the Bruins for practice while the other goaltender never left town.  Now we have fun with our prospects galore, with more to come next week, but for now we talk about guys that we feel will go in the second or third round.  We close out the show with a discussion about the Hockey Hall of Fame inductees and those that should have or have not been voted in.  A lot to digest here so sit down with your favorite beverage, or whatever you do to listen to podcasts, prepare your comments and Enjoy the Show!

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