Episode 0173: Kellerman Rant, Western Conference Preview, Round Robin Issues, Golden Knights Return, Eichel Frustrated2003 Redraft Vindication and More!

June 7th, 2020

The light in the tunnel is getting brighter.  Phase 2 brings with it practices for the teams with a limit of 6 players.  But we at the Two Man Forecheck are still in playoff form.  We start out with a rant from Max Kellerman from First Take where he stated that the NHL is not one of the 4 major sports.  This, amazingly, brought with it some backlash especially from Mike Milbury.   We delve into the playoffs with a Western Conference preview.  Some of the matchups should make for entertaining hockey.  Spinning off of this topic we discuss why the Round Robin games should not be happening.  We also pay a short visit to Las Vegas and talk about their start of practice tomorrow (Monday the 8th).  Buffalo has had its share of failure the past few seasons and one player in particular is frustrated over the whole ordeal.  We talk about Jack Eichel and his current tenure with the Sabres and what they should do to make his remaining time there successful.  Finally, we talk about the 2003 draft again, and give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.  Mike is especially proud of the fact that he has the same number one pick as NHL.com.  Give us a listen, tell us what you think and, as always...Enjoy the Show!

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