Episode 0175: Sabres Making Changes, Eichel Availability, Luke Kunin Ready to Play, Matthews Tests Positive, Hockey Diversity Alliance is Formed, Ryan Reaves Family Tree and much More!

June 21st, 2020

The excitement builds as the NHL targets the end of July for a return to live games.  Here at the the Forecheck, we are live every week.  Starters consist of Luke Kunin, forward for the Wild, expressing his desire to start playing again.  The concern here is that he has diabetes and is of a higher risk to contract the virus than others, but he has been presented with the information he needs from professionals around him to make an informed decision regarding playing.  Auston Matthews has tested positive for the virus, and appears to be the only named player around the league to have tested as such.  Why is he named?  There has been no answer so we discuss.  Only about 5 percent of the players tested have received a positive result.  For the mains, we delve into the dumpster fire that is the Buffalo Sabres.  They have eliminated 23 administrative and scouting employees, including the GM and assistant GMs.  The replacement is the senior VP of business administration, Kevyn Adams.  There is a long road ahead for this man, and one of those tasks is convincing Jack Eichel to stay with the team that drafted him.  We talk about the possibility of the Bruins acquiring his talents.   Finally, we discuss the formation of the Hockey Diversity Alliance, formed by a handful of players and headed up by Akim Aliu and Evander Kane.  Although not an NHL created alliance, the NHL is hoping to work with them on the topic of diversity and inclusion.  Oh yeah, and Ryan Reaves and Kane appear to be working towards burying the hatchet.  His great, great, great granddad is Bass Reeves.  Give us a listen to find out who he is and...Enjoy the Show!

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